Research Engineer, Inference

Research Engineer London, United Kingdom

At Google DeepMind, we value diversity of experience, knowledge, backgrounds and perspectives and harness these qualities to create extraordinary impact. We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of sex, race, religion or belief, ethnic or national origin, disability, age, citizenship, marital, domestic or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, or related condition (including breastfeeding) or any other basis as protected by applicable law. If you have a disability or additional need that requires accommodation, please do not hesitate to let us know.


We're looking for someone who is passionate about:

  • Building elegant infrastructure solutions for enabling and accelerating generative AI research
  • Working across the boundary of research and deployment and deeply understanding needs across the whole pipeline
  • Working directly with researchers on the next generation of AI development and the ambiguous engineering problems it introduces
  • About us

    Artificial Intelligence could be one of humanity's most useful inventions. At Google DeepMind, we're a team of scientists, engineers, machine learning experts and more, working together to advance the state of the art in artificial intelligence. We use our technologies for widespread public benefit and scientific discovery, and collaborate with others on critical challenges, ensuring safety and ethics are the highest priority.

    The role

    We are seeking hard-working individuals with experience in machine learning research and full stack development, who are interested in creating and enhancing platforms to help research flourish! You'll join an inspiring and collaborative environment, working on ground-breaking technology with potentially extraordinary impact.

    This person will be responsible for building and streamlining a framework for developing and releasing AI-based systems, ensuring research efforts can iterate quickly and translate seamlessly into production-ready solutions.

    Key responsibilities
  • Develop a framework for efficient preprocessing and AI agent development, to enable rapid research and prototyping.
  • Work closely with model developers and agent research teams to deeply understand their needs and ensure the framework meets their requirements.
  • Facilitate the transition of research into production: Develop and implement strategies for bringing research components into production smoothly and effectively, including working directly on the production infrastructure.
  • About you

    In order to set you up for success as a Research Engineer at Google DeepMind, we look for the following skills and experience:

  • SWE interpersonal skills (discuss technical ideas effectively with colleagues, e.g. through whiteboard, design docs, presentations; interact directly with our end users on various channels)
  • Strong full-stack software engineering fundamentals, including fluency in Python and C++
  • Experience working with machine learning at scale
  • In addition, the following would be an advantage:
  • Experience working directly on/with AI research teams
  • Experience working on production infrastructure
  • Application deadline: Tuesday 16th April 2024

    Job details


    Research Engineer, Inference




    United Kingdom


    April 02, 2024

    Application deadline

    April 16, 2024

    Job type



    ML, AI, Data Science

    About the employer

    We’re a team of scientists, engineers, ethicists and more, committed to solving intelligence, to advance science and benefit humanity.

    Our story

    We’ve always been fascinated by human intelligence – it shaped the modern world we live in today.

    Intelligence allows us to learn, imagine, cooperate, create, communicate, and so much more. By better understanding different aspects of intelligence, we can use this knowledge as inspiration to build novel computer systems that learn to find solutions to difficult problems on their own.

    Like the Hubble telescope that helped us look deeper into space, these tools are already expanding human knowledge and making positive global impact. Our long term aim is to solve intelligence, developing more general and capable problem-solving systems, known as artificial general intelligence (AGI).

    Guided by safety and ethics, this invention could help society find answers to some of the world’s most pressing and fundamental scientific challenges.

    We’re solving intelligence to advance science and benefit humanity. At the heart of this mission is our commitment to act as responsible pioneers in the field of AI, in service of society’s needs and expectations.

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