Post Date : 30-Apr-2024 Close Date : 15-May-2024

Title: Postdoctoral Fellow

Department: Department of Anatomy and Regenerative Medicine

Tenure: Maternity Cover (10 Months)

Location: Tissue Engineering Research Group, 123 St Stephen's Green, Dublin

Reporting to: Dr Tom Hodgkinson

Salary: €47,406-€51,535, depending on experience

Proposed Start Date: August 2024

Open Position

We are seeking to recruit a postdoctoral researcher to join the Hodgkinson Lab in the Tissue Engineering Research Group at RCSI. The successful applicant will work primarily on an SFI funded project entitled “ RESTORE- Regeneration Of Articular Cartilage Through Biomaterial-Controlled In Situ Cell Reprogramming To Recover Youthful Epigenetic Information”.

Project Brief: Current treatments fail to effectively repair cartilage and typically only delay the age or injury associated degeneration that leads to osteoarthritis, a disease that affects over 500 million people worldwide. Age is the single biggest risk factor for cartilage degeneration and the success of conventional treatments all significantly decrease with age. This research project, situated in the Tissue Engineering Research Group and Advanced Materials and Bioengineering Research Centre (AMBER) at the RCSI, focuses on developing a solution that rejuvenates cartilage healing capacity, restores functionality and prevents the progression of degeneration.

This project focuses on the role of epigenetics in age-associated decline of cartilage repair capacity. Through development of a biomaterial-mediated gene delivery platform, the therapeutic potential of targeting these mechanisms through the delivery of transcription factors to partially reprogramme aged cells, rejuvenating their capacity for repair. By combining cutting-edge concepts from ageing research, gene delivery and biomaterials this research aims to advance cartilage regenerative therapies. The recipient of this position will work closely with several individuals from a multidisciplinary team that includes PIs, postdoctoral researchers, postgraduate students and clinicians from various national and international collaborators.

Applicants will ideally have a primary degree in biology, molecular biology, molecular genetics, regenerative medicine or bioengineering with a PhD in the area of molecular genetics, cell and tissue engineering, molecular biology, synthetic biology, gene delivery (viral or non-viral), regenerative medicine or a related discipline. Specific skills that would enhance a candidate's application for the position might include experience in some of the following areas: induced pluripotent stem cell generation, culture and downstream analysis, non-viral/ viral gene delivery, expression vector design and manufacture, molecular cloning and related techniques, methylomics, cell culture (in particular the extraction and culture of primary osteochondral cells), advanced microscopy, qRT-PCR, RNAseq, immunohistochemistry and other histological and imaging techniques, in addition to experience of in vivo studies.

Job details


Postdoctoral Fellow


Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland




May 01, 2024

Application deadline

May 15, 2024

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