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Game Capture Artist - Freelance


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As the game capture artist, you work as a part-time freelancer to set up and capture exciting in-game video footage, primarily for use on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. You will be expected to edit captured footage to adapt it to the vertical format of most modern social media platforms and cut it into short, exciting clips with informational or entertainment value for our games' fans.

You'll be working with deep, replayable games that prioritize substance over spectacle. You will have to excel at translating the complex experience of Paradox ARC titles to short-form video format, with the support and input of a team of Marketing specialists. You'll both play the games yourself, to create incredible gameplay moments, or work with save files provided by other members of the team.

In the New Games Team, we do not value perfection. We value effectiveness, and the type of footage you'll produce will have to prioritize purpose and function over visual fidelity. We're a scrappy crew of agile specialists and if you want to join us, be ready to react quickly, shift focus at a moment's notice, and not linger on projects that are no longer impactful.

We work, succeed, and fail fast together. We are all measured on the same few KPIs regardless of our expertise: How many projects we launch that are successful enough to be graduated into the core Paradox Interactive business as defined by MAU and revenue generated.

You report to the Community Specialist. In day-to-day operations, you work closely with a team of Community Managers to create the most fun and impactful content for vertical social media platforms.

Key Responsibilities

  • Identify exciting and relevant game footage in Paradox ARC games

  • Set up and capture interesting gameplay scenes and scenarios, for application in existing Social Media strategies.

  • Coordinate and collaborate with Community Managers to produce content relevant for our games' fans.

  • Edit captured footage for application in vertical social media

  • Create an archive and database of great gameplay sequences, for future use by your colleagues

  • Required Qualifications

  • A passion for deep, replayable games

  • Experience capturing and editing video game footage for use in social media

  • A deep understanding of video game culture and communities, as well as mainstream internet trends

  • Strong knowledge of vertical social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

  • Job details


    Game Capture Artist - Freelance


    Paradox Interactive




    March 31, 2024

    Application deadline

    May 01, 2024

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    ML, AI, Data Science

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