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Position Title Ford TOT Instructor

FLSA Exempt Full Time/Part Time Full Time Department Continuing Education Campus Central Campus Location Central Campus Salary Per contract Hours Full-time, indicate working hours - Mon-Fri 7:30-5:30 Summary of Position

Overall duties and responsibilities are teaching all assigned Technician of Tomorrow classes and laboratory activities in a professional manner, assisting students on an individual and group basis and assisting in ensuring that the Instructional Programs of the Automotive Department are of the highest quality and reflect current technology.

Minimum Required Education

Associate's Degree from a nationally, regionally or identified at the state level accredited institution of higher education required. Bachelor's degree preferred.

  • Hold a Master ASE Certification
  • Minimum Required Experience

  • Three (3) years of recent paid work experience with a Bachelor's Degree or
  • Five (5) years with an Associate Degree in the Automotive career field exclusive of teaching
  • Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge in all phases of Automotive Service and Repair to include: shop operation, safety, OSHA Requirement, hazardous material disposal, use of printed and computerized publications, use tools and equipment used in the Automotive Service Industry, theory, application, service and repair of all automotive systems.
  • Knowledge of the Automotive Service and Repair education process.
  • Must possess teaching skills, and be able to teach the program mentioned above in a professional manner and be knowledgeable of the curriculum.
  • Must communicate in a professional manner. Must be able to perform the following tasks: program development and evaluation, technical writing, course scheduling, recruitment and advertising activities, give facility tours, student advising on technical careers, transcript and work experience evaluation, student registration, work with Advisory Committees, prepare and evaluate student surveys.
  • Notify the Continuing Education Department and the Department Chair immediately if it is necessary to be absent from class so that a substitute can be obtained.
  • Use fair and efficient procedures for evaluations of student learning.
  • Maintain technical proficiency in the area that you teach, staying current with new technology.
  • Be familiar with Central Texas College policies and procedures.
  • Have adequate class plans available at all times in case it becomes necessary for a substitute to teach the class.
  • Keep and post regular office hours, as prescribed in the CTC Policy and Procedure Manual for student conferences and other duties as assigned.
  • Maintain accurate and legible records (files) of student attendance, grades and module completions so that an evaluation may be made at any time on the progress of any student.
  • Certify or otherwise complete all documents in a legible manner required for administrative record keeping as required by the Central Texas College Registrar and to meet the record keeping criteria and time schedules published in the Administrative Instructions for record keeping documents, i.e. certification of class rolls, class record books, and final grades.
  • Attend faculty meetings and staff meetings as required.
  • Advise students on academic problems or refer them to the appropriate support service area.
  • Make continuing efforts to improve the quality of the Technician of Tomorrow program.
  • Ensure sufficient supplies and equipment are available to teach the TOT program.
  • Maintain office, classrooms, tool room and lab area in a clean and safe condition at all times and perform periodic maintenance.
  • Sign for and be accountable for all vehicles, tools, equipment, audio visuals, computer and printer equipment and software assigned to the TOT program.
  • Coordinate the use of classrooms and lab space with other Department Instructors.
  • Assist part-time instructors and lab assistants.
  • Assist in the student registration process as required.
  • Use and operate within the limits of a set budget.
  • Be familiar with and in compliance with Hazardous Materials and OSHA Regulations and submit and maintain records and reports associated with all hazardous materials used in Automotive Department. Includes proper disposal of hazardous chemical waste and maintain MSDSs' for the Program.
  • Posting Detail Information

    Other Information

  • Possess a valid Texas driver's license and eligible for coverage under CTC's commercial auto and other liability insurance policies.
  • Must be be willing to travel.
  • Communicate in the English Language (Read, Write, Speak).
  • Supplemental Questions

    Required fields are indicated with an asterisk ().

  • What is your highest level of education attained or conferred? (Transcripts must be uploaded showing conferred date of degree or credit will not be granted)
  • High School Diploma/GED only
  • Certificate of Completion or 30 college credits-Transcripts must be attached to application
  • Associates Degree-Transcripts must be attached to application
  • Bachelors -Transcripts must be attached to application
  • Masters-Transcripts must be attached to application
  • I do not have a GED or High School Diploma
  • Do you hold a Master ASE Certification?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Do you have a valid driver's license?
  • no
  • yes
  • Have you had more than two(2) moving violations in the previous three(3) years? (tickets)
  • Yes
  • No
  • How many years of recent paid work experience do you have in the Automotive Career field exclusive of teaching?
  • Less than 3 years experience
  • 3-4 years of experience
  • 5-6 years of experience
  • 7-8 years of experience
  • Over 8 years of experience
  • Are you a Veteran of the US Armed Forces?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Documents Needed to Apply

    Required Documents

  • Resume
  • Transcripts- upload as one single PDF document- MUST BE INCLUDED IF YOU STATED YOU HAD DEGREE
  • License/certifications (upload all certificates as one single PDF document)
  • Optional Documents

  • Cover Letter
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Transcript
  • DD214-Military Discharge
  • Job details


    Ford TOT Instructor


    Central Texas College


    United States


    May 27, 2023

    Application deadline

    June 11, 2023

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    Engineering,Space Science

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