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Luleå University of Technology is in strong growth with world-leading competence in several research areas. We shape the future through innovative education and ground-breaking research results, and based on the Arctic region, we create global social benefit. Our scientific and artistic research and education are conducted in close collaboration with international, national and regional companies, public actors and leading universities. Luleå University of Technology has a total turnover of SEK 1.9 billion per year. We currently have 1,840 employees and 17,670 students.

In the coming years, multi-billion investments will be made in large projects in Northern Sweden to create a fossil-free society both nationally and globally. Luleå University of Technology is involved in several of these cutting-edge research projects and in the societal transformation that they entail. We offer a broad range of courses and study programmes to match the skills in demand. We hope that you will help us to build the sustainable companies and societies of the future.

Here you have an opportunity to belong to an innovative research environment that develops new knowledge about one of the great societal challenges of our time - to support and understand the digital transformation in companies and in society.

At the Information Systems Research Group at Luleå University of Technology, we have a need to employ an associate professor in information systems with a focus on one or more of those area: Human-machine Interaction; The transformative potential of ICT; Human-centered informatics; or Information Systems for Social Good. The information systems research group is part of the Division of Digital Services and Systems which also includes the Center for Distance Spanning Technology and the Center for Security in Society and Critical Infrastructures. The Division consists of about 35 employees including researchers, teachers, and project managers.

The position of the associate professor is at the Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering, where Luleå University of Technology has gathered research in, among other things, computer science, information systems, signals and systems, and automation. The department's turnover is approximately SEK 220 million, of which education accounts for half and external funds for research for the other half. The department has well-developed collaborations with research institutes, industry partners, universities and other authorities in both research projects and student projects. The environment at the department is open, dynamic and brings together researchers from around twenty different nationalities as well as doctoral students and students from all over the world.

Subject description The research subject Information systems focuses on the design and use of information technology in relation to humans, organisations, and societies.

Duties As an associate professor in Information Systems with a focus on one or more of those areas:

  • Human-machine Interaction: the interplay between humans and machines in the form of e.g., information technology, robotic process automation, intelligent interfaces, or collaboration between humans and algorithms towards making informed decisions. We aim for research with a global perspective on which to improve the relationship between people and technology and foster positive social change through technology.
  • The transformative potential of ICT: we aim for research that looks critically at the impact of ICT on society and organizations, focusing on the adoption, exploitation, management, and creative use of information systems in a variety of contexts. We apply our research to specific goals, e.g., how ICT supports or hinders access to user communities, improve or inhibit decision-making, challenge, replicate, amplify inequalities in the workplace/society.
  • Human-centered informatics: we aim for research that deeply investigates cultural informatics and heritage where the role of information systems in preserving, transmitting, and shaping human culture and heritage is adequately uncovered.
  • Information Systems for the Social Good: we aim to understand the potential of systems for good (and harm), including the role of computing and technology in responding to social, ecological, political, and other challenges.
  • As an associate professor in Information Systems, you are responsible together with professors and others in the subject for the development of the subject at the undergraduate-, advanced- and research education level. As an associate professor, you are expected to strengthen our research and education profile and contribute to establishing the field internally both in the form of existing and future educations and as a research area on our campus in Luleå. An assistant professor is expected to contribute to the university's development work, to ensure that external research funding is provided to the subject and to be available for management and administrative assignments.

    The position means that you will:

  • Be responsible for, developing, teaching, and examining courses
  • To follow the subject's international development and to supervise students and PhD students
  • Work with research tasks (e.g., search, lead, and collaborate on research projects, communicate, and disseminate research results through academic publications)
  • Collaborate with the surrounding society
  • Qualifications Qualified for an appointment as associate professor are those who have demonstrated both research and teaching expertise. As much attention must be given to the assessment of teaching expertise as to the assessment of research expertise.

    To meet the requirements for the appointment as associate professor, the applicants must:

  • have demonstrated a research profile showing a clear progress after the completion of the doctoral thesis, and scientific contributions equivalent to at least two doctoral theses;
  • have worked as an independent researcher via, for example,
  • research-related commissions of trust as an external expert or a reviewer,
  • experience of applying for and being granted, in competition, external funding for research and development projects,
  • participation in national and/or international research projects, and publications together with researchers within research environments other than the applicant's own environment.
  • have experience of supervising doctoral students, and have been the assistant supervisor for at least one doctoral student for at least two years, unless there are special grounds to the contrary;
  • have demonstrated teaching expertise;
  • completed courses in higher education pedagogy corresponding to 7.5 credits or otherwise have acquired equivalent knowledge;
  • can collaborate with the wider community demonstrated through, for example,
  • dissemination of new knowledge to the wider community,
  • incorporation of societal needs into research and/or education contexts.
  • Assessment criteria

    The following assessment criteria will be applied for the position:

  • research expertise
  • teaching expertise
  • other assessment criteria.
  • Other assessment criteria (weighted equally):

  • Ability to collaborate with the surrounding society
  • Ability to collaborate within the university
  • Ability to obtain external research and development funding
  • Excellent communication skills in English, verbally and in writing. Demonstrated ability to promote and establish new research areas
  • Solid publication record of accomplishment in relevant domains
  • Ability to lead and develop research initiatives.
  • Applicants must be willing to learn Swedish and will hopefully communicate in Swedish within a 3-year period. Luleå University of Technology offers tailor- made courses to reach an acceptable level of Swedish.

    In case of different interpretations of the English and Swedish versions of this announcement, the Swedish version takes precedence.

    Information The position is a permanent full-time employment located in Luleå. Start date by agreement.

    For further information about the position, please contact: Johan Wenngren, Head of Division, +46 (0)920-492059, [email protected] Ahmed Elragal, acting Head of Subjec, +46 (0)920-493670, [email protected]

    Union representatives: SACO-S Kjell Johansson, +46 (0)920-49 1529, [email protected] OFR-S Lars Frisk, +46 (0)920-49 17 92, [email protected]

    In case of different interpretations of the English and Swedish versions of this announcement, the Swedish version takes precedence.

    Application We prefer that you apply for this position by clicking on the apply button below and attach the requested application documents including diplomas (certified and translated into Swedish or English), pedagogical self- reflection and publications, etc. We prefer that applicants follows the Instructions for applicants. Note that the applicant´s educational qualifications should be particularly documented. Mark your application with the reference number below. Your application, including diplomas, must be written in English or Swedish.

    Final day to apply: 18 April 2024 Reference number: 1172-2024

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    Associate Professor in Information Systems


    Lulea University




    March 29, 2024

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    April 28, 2024

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    Associate Professor/Professor


    Computer Science,Engineering

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