Digital Content Marketing is a product of Brighter Gates ecosystem. It provides impressive resume templates, job and news recommendation for the right users. If you want to publish a content marketing on this website. Please read terms and conditions as follows:


1. Drive contents to the right users

- Are you looking for a platform to brand your organzation? Work with our team to publish blogs, articles, or job openings. Via our platform, social media channels, through search engines and AI algorithm, we navigate your information to the attention of the relevant target group.


2. Requirment for the content

- The content (min 650 words) should be high quality and unique, i.e., no copy and paste.

- Images should be free to publish or have legal copyright.

- The time-to-live of a post in the system is 5 years (minimum).

- The time to process is within 2  working days.

3. Auto publish content on websites of Brighter Gates ecosystem:

- If you want the news, jobs, products, and services of your companies to publish on our websites, please feel free contact us to get the best offer. Here are the list of websites:

1- Academic Jobs:

2- PhD Positions:

3- Scholarships and Fundings:

4- Electric Vehicle:

5- Robotic and Drone:

6- Blockchain Technology:

7- AI and Data Science:

8- Chiropractor :

9- English Jobs in Vietnam:

10- Job SEO:

11- Impressive Resumes:

12- Game:



4. Probibitted content and backlink

- Contents about gamble, sex, and drug

- Writing services such as paid money to ask someone do essay, thesis, and research paper.

- Buy or selling fake degrees and courses.